About Capsule Collective

How We Started 

As we all know, 2020 was a year we will never forget—for many different reasons. In February 2020, I lost my beloved grandmother. As my family and I coped with the loss, I wanted to find a way to celebrate her memory through my love for fashion design. So, I utilized the extra time I had on my hands to bring my idea to life. 

I created a custom denim jacket made out of my grandmother’s favorite pairs of jeans. That jacket went to my cousin as a surprise graduation gift. After I gave her the jacket, I quickly realized how impactful, innovative, and sustainable the process of creating the jacket was. It was at that moment I hit the ground running to put Capsule Collective in motion.

What Makes Our Jackets Unique 

Made entirely by hand with different pairs of jeans pieced together, Capsule Collective’s custom denim jackets make a statement and sustain a memory. When you place an order with us, you will have a say in the design process from start to finish. 

Each jacket is made to order—send us your favorite pieces of denim or we will source them for you. Our mission is to help you celebrate the memory of a loved one by creating a custom, high-quality piece of clothing.

Please note: We can only take four custom orders per month, so be sure to place your orders near the beginning of the month!

How to Order

We offer two options for our Custom Jackets with a Twist: Local and Shipping.

With the Local option, you must be local to the Cleveland/Akron/Columbus area. This method allows you to skip the shipping by having a socially-distanced transfer of the materials you would like the jacket to be made out of. Whatever your vision, we can make it happen!

With the Shipping option, we will send you a kit to ship your materials back to us. This method allows you to choose your materials like you do the Local option, but ship them directly to us for added convenience. You will receive the completed jacket back in 4–6 weeks. 

Our Design Values

  • Creating high-quality pieces that are made with ethically-sourced and sustainable materials.
  • Promoting slow fashion by only putting items back out into the world that are made with pre-existing materials. 
  • Developing unique and innovative products that do not contribute to damage fast fashion has caused in the world.